ACE Program Evaluation

Content of the Program

The program description was accurate and matched the stated learning objectives. *
The amount of material presented was appropriate to the allotted credit. *
This format is conducive to learning. *

Knowledge and Presentation Skills of the Program Presenter

The concepts were clearly explained. *
The teaching style was appropriate for the content. *
The presentation was informative and easy to follow. *

Content and Quality of the Program Materials

Materials were current and useful. *
The materials were understandable. *
The material was wellorganized. *

Relevance of the Program to Professional Counselors

I expect this experience will be useful in my professional activities. *
I will use the course material in the future. *
I acquired new knowledge or skills. *

Overall Rating

Registration was smooth and efficient. *
Staff were responsive and helpful. *
I would recommend this program to a colleague/associate. *
Do you have any additional comments? *